Robbie Williams. Picture: Instagram

Robbie Williams is being terrorised by vicious peacocks. 

The 'Candy' hitmaker and his neighbour Jimmy Page - who have been at loggerheads for over five years - are said to be at their wit's end because a pack of peacocks have been regularly escaping from the nearby Holland Park in West London and pecking at their plush motors, causing thousands of pounds of damage. 

But it's not just Robbie and Jimmy being targeted by the colourful birds as everybody who lives in the same proximity with "blue or navy cars" have fallen victim too.

One resident - who didn't want to be named - told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "These peacocks are an absolute nightmare. They have started attacking our cars because they're attracted to their reflections. They tend to attack the black or navy blue ones because they can see themselves more easily. I saw one repeatedly bashing a £130,000 Lamborghini with his beak, which I tried to shoo away."

People affected by the bird pecking have complained to Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council, which is responsible for the park, but there's nothing they can do.

The victim said: "I complained to the council but they say there is nothing they can do. These peacocks may look beautiful but they are a real menace."
A spokesperson for the council has confirmed that they have received complaints about the peacocks but there's nothing they can do to stop them wandering. 

They said in a statement: "Peacocks are large birds that are prone to wander. From time to time we receive calls about them straying from the park."
However, Robbie and Jimmy's fight with the wandering peacocks has no doubt taken their minds off their own argument after they fell out in 2013 when the 44-year-old singer moved in to his £17.5 million mansion and started extensive renovation work.

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