Russell Peters back in SA

Canadian king of international comedy Russell Peters.

Canadian king of international comedy Russell Peters.

Published Mar 31, 2012



Canadian king of international comedy, Russell Peters, has credited SA with playing a key role in his success as a world-famous comedian.

The stand-up comic, who arrived in the country this week as part of his Notorious world tour, said he had fallen in love with SA on his first visit.

“I love South Africa,” said Peters, 31. “It was the first place to make me feel ‘famous’, which 10, 11 years ago was (and still is) a pretty special feeling.”

The comedian kicked off his SA tour last night as he performed to a full house at Carnival City in the East Rand.

Peters said he has always enjoyed performing for his South African fans.

“The South African people are great. Look at the history of the country; you have to have a good sense of humour just to get through all of that.”

It’s the sixth time Peters has visited SA. This time he will stay a week before moving on.

“I’d stay longer if I could, but by the time we wrap South Africa I’ll have been away from my daughter for over three weeks and I really miss her when I’m away,” said Peters.

“I’m going to be away a lot this year and next year, so it’s important to get back home to see her as much as I can.”

Besides his love for South Africans, Peters says he enjoys the night life and the food.

“I love every city in South Africa,’ he said. “Cape Town and Durban have the water and a great nightlife. I love going out when I’m here. I’ve always had a good time and the music is great. I’m also looking forward to some kingklip and a bunny chow!”

Peters will be joined by New York City’s DJ Spinbad and comedian Ruben Paul for the tour.

“Ruben Paul is a very funny dude. Audiences have been loving him across the Middle East and he’s opened for me a lot across the States as well. He is a very funny guy and I know that SA will love him. DJ Spinbad is one of my best friends and also happens to be one of the finest DJs and turntablists in the world, he’s a real DJ.”

Peters added that he had enjoyed many memorable moments in South Africa. “The most memorable moment for me was seeing my name on billboards and posters well before the rest of the world even knew who I was.”

Besides being rated by Forbes magazine as one of the richest comedians in the world, Peters is also an aspiring actor and recently starred in the romantic comedy New Years Eve alongside Sofia Vergara and Ashton Kutcher.

“It was fun working with Sofia, Katherine Heigl and Jon Bon Jovi in New York. They were all really cool with me.”

If not a comic, Peters said, “I’d be the funniest guy selling shoes at Aldo or the funniest guy driving a forklift in some warehouse. I never had another career path. Being a comic is something you kind of need to do without a safety net, that’s what makes you scared and makes you work harder on new and better material.”

Catch Peters, DJ Spinbad and Ruben Paul at Carnival City tonight and tomorrow, in Durban at the ICC Arena on April 2 and at Cape Town’s Grand West Casino on April 4. - Saturday Star

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