President Jacob Zuma

As many across the world quiver at the thought of Donald Trump taking the White House after his crushing defeat of Hillary Clinton, Ntsiki Mazwai is looking at the bright side!

She wrote:

But Twitter user Jonathan Stephenson (@RefineAfrica) strongly disagreed with the view that Trump is lacking intelligence.

He wrote: [email protected] your opinion. It took a smart man who stood against the media and won. Not only won actually, he thumped his opponent.”

Ntsiki hit back: [email protected] trump is an idiot who benefitted from white male privilege.....nothing more.”

β€œUnfortunately Hillary only has one thing better going with your sentiment: she is a woman. She still a privileged, white bigot,” he responded.

sbuda (@benedictbuys) agreed that Ntsiki should not underestimate Trump.

β€œDonald Trump is going to disappoint you watch the space (sic),” he wrote.

More responses to Ntsiki's tweet: