Sam Smith. Picture: Instagram

Sam Smith has confessed he feels "a bit behind" in his relationships as he wanted to have had a long-term relationship by now.

The 'Too Good At Goodbyes' star - who was recently seen smooching '13 Reasons Why' star Brandon Flynn - wishes he could have had a long term relationship by now as he feels it would have make him an "emotionally richer" person.

PICS: Sam Smith spotted kissing Brandon Flynn

He shared: "I do feel I'm a bit behind in my relationships. I wish I'd been in a long-term relationship by this age. But then, I didn't move to London until I was 19.

"I'd grown up in an area where I was the only gay guy in school, the only gay guy in my village. I'd definitely be emotionally richer now if I'd had a long-term ­relationship, but if it wasn't easy while I was growing up, it's hardly going to be any easier for me now, is it?"

And the 25-year-old singer has ambitions for his love life in the future.

He added to Billboard: "I want to be healthy and I want to live as long as possible. I want kids, and I want to open a florist. If a boyfriend comes into that mix somewhere, I'll be happy. But if it doesn't happen, I'll be fine with the flowers."

Sam was spotted kissing Brandon last week as they walked along the streets of New York City and grabbed dinner together at Catch NYC. The pair held hands as they enjoyed the sunshine and took in the sights and sounds of Greenwich Village.

Meanwhile, Sam had previously revealed he was "insanely single".

Speaking last month, he shared: "I think I'm even more single than I was when I released 'In the Lonely Hour', so I'm insanely single."

But Sam believes all his past heartaches have made him a stronger person.

He revealed: "What I've been through relationship-wise the last year has made me a lot stronger and I feel like I've learned some lessons from it."