Jessica Alba. File photo: Andy Wong

London - Jessica Alba keeps satin slippers by her front door for guests.

The 31-year-old actress - who has daughters Honor, four, and 15-month-old Haven - with husband Cash Warren - doesn't like people wearing shoes in her house as she believes it brings "toxins" in, but has footwear prepared for people when they arrive so they do not feel uncomfortable.

Giving advice for how to live a greener lifestyle, Jessica wrote on website "This may sound silly because it's so simple, but wipe your feet on a mat and take your shoes off at the door. This keeps you from tracking toxins and other yucky street stuff into your home, plus keeps your floors cleaner (a bonus!). I realise some people may feel weird taking off their shoes at others' homes, so I keep satin slippers in various sizes in our entryway for friends and family to slip on and get comfy."

It is not just external toxins Jessica is worried about, internal ones also cause her issues and she wants her children to always eat healthily.

She said: "Try to prepare mostly organic and fresh foods for your family to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals, pesticides, and hormones.

"This is especially important for kids whose bodies are more vulnerable to toxins. In my family, we make an effort to eat a balanced diet that focuses on veggies, lean protein and whole grains." - Bang Showbiz