Local actress Marjorie Langa is glad to be alive after intruders burgled her home at gunpoint earlier this month.

Entertainment blogger, Phil Mphela, took to social media last week to share the "sad news". He wrote: "SAD NEWS: Actress Marjorie Langa robbed at gunpoint in her home. 

"According to the @etvScandal star, 4 men entered her home on Saturday, held the house occupants at gun point and stole cellphones & TVs. 

"Langa says her son (7), who witnessed the whole thing, is traumatised.(sic)

Langa, who plays the role of Gloria Legae on e.tv soapie Scandal! recalled the events that led up to her home being ransacked by armed men.

Speaking to TshisaLive, Langa said she was home when a group of men approached her house and asked he helper if she sold drugs. They then proceeded to leave, but doubled-back and stormed their home.

Langa hid in the bathroom with her son and other relatives, and tried to alert their neighbours by screaming for help.

"We could hear everything. They were taking the TVs off the wall... It was just chaos... All we could do was scream for help..."

Langa said they eventually stopped screaming for fear of being shot through the bathroom door.

Although no one was harmed, Langa says her seven-year-old son, who witnessed the whole thing, is traumatised.

Langa said her priority right now "is my family and making sure they are all okay".