Meghan Markle

Actress Meghan Markle’s half sister has responded to the backlash over comments she reportedly made about the star, just after news surfaced of the relationship with Prince Harry.

Samantha Grant - who is 16 years older than Meghan - denies that she’s jealous of her sister.

She admits that they drifted apart amid a past “disagreement within the family”, but insists that her words were “twisted”.

She denies having called Meghan a “pushy princess” a “diva” and a narcissist.

As the buzz over the star’s relationship Harry continues, Meghan’s ‘Suits’ co-star Sarah Rafferty added her comment, without giving away too much, of course.

“Well, I don’t comment on my castmate’s personal lives, but it’s very exciting and I’m very happy for her,” she said at an Emmys event in New York.