Skolopad. Picture: Instagram
Local entertainer Skolopad cleared the air about her relationship with Zodwa Wabantu since their highly publicised feud last year. 

Since bursting on the local entertainment scene in 2017, both Skolopad and Zodwa have had their up and downs. 

What started the rivalry was the 2017 Feather Awards where Skolopad asked the vosho queen for a picture and she declined saying it "was not good for her brand". 

The Afrotainment star also took jabs at Skolopad in the media and said that she isn't threatened by her as "she is still crawling in this game". 

However, it seems things have been sorted out. Appearing on "The Sharayray Show" on Touch HD, Skolopad mentioned that she made her public debut before Zodwa and while things were tense for a minute between them, they have mended things and the feud is a thing of the past. 

Zodwa has gone from strength to strength getting an estimated R60 000 per appearance and starring in her own reality TV show which was one the top 30 most watched shows on DStv. Skolopad's career came to a halt following a car accident when she was driving to QwaQwa last year leaving her unable to perform for an extended period

Late last year the "Don't Touch" singer - who is a nurse by trade - also said that she was willing to trade in her persona for peace and was ready to return to nursing full time following the struggles she was facing trying to break into the industry as an artist.