Jay-Z and Beyonce pose for photographers upon arrival at 'The Lion King' European premiere in central London. Picture: AP

Rwandan social media erupted with speculation that American singer Beyoncé’s husband, rapper Jay-Z, could have roots in Rwanda following the release of her latest album, "The Lion King: The Gift".

In the song "Mood 4 Eva" the singer’s lyrics seems to insinuate that her “baby father” has a bloodline in Rwanda, The New Times reported.

“I'm so unbothered, I'm so unbothered. Y'all be so pressed while I'm raisin' daughters. Sons of empires, y'all make me chuckle. Stay in your struggle, crystal blue water. Piña colada-in', you stay Ramada Inn. My baby father, bloodline Rwanda."

“The first billionaire rapper in the world is from Rwanda … Jay-Z”, tweeted Mercello Chuks Kelechi, while Robert Niyirora joked that in Jay-Z, Rwanda now has a billionaire.

As the speculation continued, in one case a photoshopped national ID with Jay-Z’s picture with the supposedly Rwandan name “Jacques Zirasunda” circulated on social media platforms, while in other cases videos featuring comedian Kanyombya interrogating Jay-Z on whether he has forgotten Kinyarwanda circulated.

The American couple has yet to give more details on the bloodline.

African News Agency (ANA)