Kardashian-Jenner clan. Picture: Supplied

If there's one thing we know about the internet, is that discoveries on the greater web usually makes its way onto social media, where all the world will weigh in, and decide whether you're the victim, the hero or villain.

So was the case for the Kardashian-Jenner clan after job advertisements for unpaid internships at Jenner Communications was shared on Reddit. However, it was not the fact that the billionaire family was offering an unpaid internship, but rather the job description that sent people into a frenzy.

The ad was placed on EntertainmentCareers.net in May, stating that the Kardashians are looking for an unpaid intern to run with errands, wrap gifts, and help with the kids’ toys.

Source: Reddit

Then another ad was placed in August, with a similar job description.

Source: Reddit

Both ads also clearly state that you must be a student, which social media found amusing because none of the duties listed could be beneficial to a student working towards a degree and looking to gain industry experience.

One Facebook user wrote: "They want someone to run errands, clean their homes (“organizing”), and babysit their kids for free. They call it an internship? No. An internship is when a student or person working on a professional degree gets actual work experience in their field from an actual company that might actually hire them. The sad thing is some really stupid starstruck girl will do this just to be in their orbit, probably hoping for their hand-me-downs (sic)"

Another user shared the sentiment, and said: "What marketable skills do you think this intern will gain by wrapping gifts and walking the dog? What job could they apply for after this? Can you imagine that interview? “Tell me about your strengths” “Well, I can make curly ribbon bows and pick up dog [poop emoji] without getting my hands dirty. 

"The purpose of an internship is to complement the classroom lectures with real world experience. Not to be slave labor to the rich and lazy (sic).

Meanwhile, according to Upworthy, the Jenner Communication company has a bad reputation with former interns.

A former intern reportedly rated her experience the company as "horrible", while another said: "no one cares about you or cares to properly train you."