Beyonce bought a church. Can we get a yaaaassss! Photo:Supplied
When news of the queen's new acquisition broke her followers were a little stunned, to say the least. 

According to celebrity news site TMZ, Bey purchased a church in the Big Easy, and  The New Orleans Advocate provided a little more details on the acquisition.

The church was allegedly sold on May 9 for $850 000 (over R10 million) after being listed on the market for two months. This price, as records show was a little more than the original asking price. 

On who exactly bought it, the investigation revealed that the church was bought through agent Josline Frank, by the Noble Jones Trust, whose trustee is Vernell Jackson Keys, a close friend of Queen Bey and her family. 

The address that's listed at the New Orleans Assessor's Office for the new owner is allegedly the same as the French Quarter house where Solange Knowles reportedly moved a few years ago. 

The churc is 697 square metre chapel, with five meter high ceilings, that comes furnished with repurposed opera-house chairs. It also has a bell tower that can be reached through a portal in the ceiling.  

          A picture of the new Church of Bey, that's located on 2930 Camp Street in New Orleans. Photo: New Orleans Advocate 

When news broke it spread like wildfire through Twitter Streets: 

Me: I’m an atheist @wmag: Beyoncé bought a church in New Orleans


— LIL KIM(merling) (@rkimmerling) May 21, 2018

Y'all been so caught up with the wedding you didn't even realize Beyonce bought a whole church for herself.

— Mwes M Drew™ (@_mwes) May 21, 2018

Beyonce bought a church. When do services start? I'm ready. Let's be saved.

— Bianca Mancilla (@b_mancilla) May 21, 2018

Beyoncé’s probably going to turn that church into an art exhibit.

— . (@beyupdates_) May 20, 2018
Maybe this is the addition to the existing Church of Bey or the Beyoncé Mass. Like the one that happened at the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco a few days ago.  Will Bey add the title pastor to her many tags? This remains to be seen.