Kylie Jenner. Picture: Twitter

Ever since Beats 1 gave Nicki Minaj her own radio show, the rapper has been using that platform to diss people. Never mind that her new album, "Queen," is tanking because it’s simply not that good. Nicki actually wants to blame other people for that.

Chief among those people? Travis Scott. Nicki went onto Queen Radio to blast Travis, using all sorts of expletives, for not having the number 1 album in America. This is despite the charts saying that he does, indeed, have the pole position.

Nicki claims Travis is number one based on everything except the music. She says the reason he is number one is because Kylie Jenner hopped on Instagram to post her boyfriend’s tour merch and used a caption that includes their adorable daughter, Stormi.

Uhm, OK. But with that logic, Kylie should be able to make anything shoot to the top. The three things that could benefit from that kind of power? Ukeleles, pineapple on pizza and her brother Rob’s socks.

Ukeleles get a bad rap for being tiny guitars with a specific tone. Pineapple has no business being on a pizza yet there are people who like it. Who knows, maybe if Kylie co-signs it, everyone will order it. And Rob… well, Rob needs all the help he can get. Kylie, if you’re reading this, do the right thing.