Tiffany Haddish attends the world premiere of "The Oath" at the LA Film Festival on Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018, in Los Angeles. Picture: AP

'Night School' star Tiffany Haddish joked her bank balance "doesn't reflect" her superstar status, and explained she still feels like a "regular person".

The 'Night School' actress still feels like a "regular person" despite her rise to fame, and she joked her financial situation doesn't match people's perception of her.

She told the Metro newspaper: "I don't feel like a superstar, even though lots of people tell me that I am. My bank account sure doesn't reflect that!

"And my family haven't gotten the memo -- I am still regular to them. I was at a store recently and this woman was following me and then she just started screaming, 'Oh my God! It's really you!' and I was like, 'Hey, hey, calm down, lady! I am just a regular person. I poop just like you.' "

The 38-year-old star also insisted her fame hasn't had an impact on her dating life, as she explained she doesn't have "a lot of time" to give potential lovers the attention they need.

She said: "Girl, it's been a nonexistent thing! I mean, men need so much attention and I haven't really had a lot of time -- or even tried to make time -- for that.

"It's funny because I read these things that come on my phone like: 'Tiffany Haddish dating.../seen with...' and I'm like, I don't even know that dude's real name or have his phone number!"

Tiffany was recently named on Time magazine's list of the 100 most influential people on the planet, and she admitted she wasn't sure how it happened.

She added: "I'm still trying to figure out, like, how did that happen? I think my purpose here on Earth is to bring joy and happiness to everybody and to help people deal with difficult situations in a joyous manner."