Justin Bieber. Photo: Instagram

Justin Bieber has reportedly changed his mind about having an intimate wedding when he ties the knot with Hailey Baldwin.

The 'What Do You Mean?' hitmaker recently got engaged to Baldwin following a whirlwind romance and though they were initially planning to tie the knot in an intimate ceremony, the 24-year-old pop star has now taken charge of organising the nuptials and wants to have a lavish celebration with 500 guests.

A source said: "Originally Justin wanted an intimate wedding like his dad had earlier this year but now he's in two minds - part of him would like to go all out and give Hailey a day fit for a princess.

"He's talking about hiring a huge estate for about 500 guests and having her dad officiate.#

"Hailey's just ha[[y they're engaged and is going with the flow, but Justin is drawing up guest lists and auditioning wedding planners online because he wants it to happen ASAP."

Though the couple have been deluged with messages of congratulations, the 'Love Yourself' singer is said to have been more focused on the people who haven't reached out with good wishes.

The source said: "Perception and image is important to Justin, as is loyalty.

"Since he and Hailey got engaged, they've had hundreds of good wishes, with most of their friends and acquaintances sending congratulations messages.

"But instead of enjoying that, Justin is being bratty and upset about the people who didn't get in touch to say nice things."

However, 21-year-old Hailey is urging her fiance to "chill" and just enjoy their own happiness.

The source continued to heat magazine: "She just tells him to chill, saying there's no sense in reacting to negativity or caring what people are writing or saying about them.

"And besides which, making sure they have this huge wedding won't change anything - the haters will always be there.

"But it seems to have really got to Justin, and he's taking the lead with all the wedding planning to make sure it's as special and perfect as it could possibly be."