Mike Tyson

London - Mike Tyson doesn't recognise the "insane" man he used to be.

The former world heavyweight boxing champion - who won a total of 50 fights during his career - was renowned for his wild behaviour inside and outside the ring and his antics included him biting off part of Evander Holyfield's in their second fight in 1997.

Tyson now finds it hard to comprehend how he used to behave but believes his "rage" was what made him a great fighter at the same time as making him an unpleasant human being.

He said: "I don't recognise the man I was. I was insane. I had this rage - but that's what made me a great fighter.

"I wanted people who got in the ring with me to think they were dealing with a savage.

"I wanted them to show me respect. I was a pig then. A pig."

Tyson's world was rocked in May 2009 when his four-year-old daughter Exodus died after accidentally getting a treadmill power cord wrapped round her neck.

The 46-year-old ex-pugilist insists if it wasn't for his wife Lakiha 'Kiki' Spicer - who he married 12 days after the tragic accident - he would have been taken over by "darkness".

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, Tyson explained: "After Exodus's death I needed to do something positive and not sit there full of anger.

"I married the woman of my dreams. She's not dark like me. I want to die with her."

He insists Lakiha has played a key role in helping him deal with his personal issues and has helped him finally find peace in his life.

Tyson is now fully focused on the important things in life, like his health and family - which includes seven children from several relationships.

He said: "I lost over 100lb and I haven't eaten meat since. I don't want anything in me that's going to enrage me - no processed food, no meat.

"It's much harder to be a good man than a great boxer. I needed to be a good man and a good father." - Bang Showbiz