Russell Brand and Katy Perry

Katy Perry has hinted that Russell Brand was threatened by her career.


The 'Teenage Dream' hitmaker - split from her 'Rock Of Ages' star husband in December after just 14 months of marriage - and although Katy thought he was 'the one', she admitted that work commitments got in the way.


Speaking in her new documentary film 'Katy Perry: Part of Me', she explained: "I thought to myself, 'When I find that person that's going to be my life partner, I won't ever have to choose [between the partner and my career]. They won't be threatened or have weird motives.' Then I started to realise, that's not true."


Katy has now moved on and is dating Florence + the Machine guitarist Rob Ackroyd but says she did everything in her power to save her marriage, before finally acknowledging it was over.


She said: "I have that same belief system with everything, from career to my life to my personal life, everything. And I will do everything it takes to not fail. And I did everything it took, but it still failed."


Katy's forthcoming 3D movie features footage shot around the time she split from Russell, including scenes where she is crying on a bed, and she has previously revealed she wanted to include the clips to show people they can bounce back from their difficulties.


She said: "I think if you were to see the movie and it was completely avoided, you'd think, 'Hmm that's strange, I know something else happened in her life last year.'


"So I wanted to handle it delicately with the most integrity I could and show, 'Yeah I'm going through the same situation that half of America goes through and somehow I landed on my feet, so you don't have to lay down and die like you think.'


"Just because you're in the spotlight doesn't mean you get to dodge the curveballs - they're actually bigger." - Bang Showbiz