Stars and celebrities take part in the ''One World: Together at Home'' event. Picture: Reuters
Stars and celebrities take part in the ''One World: Together at Home'' event. Picture: Reuters

WATCH: Celine Dion tell fans to 'do your part and stay at home'

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Apr 21, 2020

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Legendary singer, Celine Dion took to YouTube to post a very special and humbling message to those risking their lives in order to save others during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In what fans called an authentic video, which was viewed over 137 000 times since its release, Dion thanked health professionals, first responders and essential services for their brave contribution towards tackling coronavirus.
"Hello everybody. As we all know, these are incredibly difficult times that we are dealing with right now. But I hope you (are) all doing your best to stay healthy and as positive as can be during this situation. 

"Most of us have been asked to remain at home, but there are so many heroes out there, around the world who are going to work every single day risking their lives, and sometimes sacrificing their lives for the rest of us. 

"These people have families and loved ones who they are worried about, but they still go out to work to save us, to serve us. We (are) talking about healthcare professionals, first responders, social workers and essential services provides such as grocery store and delivery employees. 

"We can not thank all of you enough, we salute your bravery, we pray for you, thank you so very much for her heroic work you are doing for our world, we are eternally grateful," she said. 

She further added that we must all do everything we can to stop contracting this virus. 

"So please, please do your part and stay at home. If you must go out, be sure to practice physical distancing. Let's take care of each other and I know we will get through this together. Be safe everyone, thank you," said Dion. 

The "I'm Alive" singer's fans were in awe of her kind words and message of support during this time, one fan said, "The great thing about Celine is that you can truly feel she does not do these videos to remain in the spotlight. She does it because she is a genuine, loving human being who truly cares. So beautiful and humble Queen❤" said her fan. 

While another said, "We are all spend difficult time of our lives..You are so generous and kindness and sweet Thank you for Concern about whole wide world people's and fans. You too Celine take care of your health and your family I wish I hope to so much get that better soon also always be careful I'll always be supporting to you.... Je t'aime beaucoup Celine..

"PS:Through the darkness and good time I knew I'd I make it through...And the world thought I had it all but I was waiting for you.. hush Now I see the light in the sky oh It's almost blinding me I can't believe I've been touched by an angel with love," said the fan. 

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