NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, left, and Jay-Z appear at a news conference at ROC Nation on Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019, in New York. Picture: AP

International rapper Jay-Z landed in hot water after he named fatherless as one of the catalysts for police brutality in America. 

In an interview talking about his new partnership with the NFL as part of their social justice campaign, the "Holy Gail"  rapper spoke about growing up in a single-parent home. 

He went on to say that growing up in that environment you have an adverse feeling towards authority with thoughts such as "I hate my dad, ain't nobody tells me what to do. I'm the man of the house."

And then when you hit the streets and come across a police officer your first reaction after they tell you to put your hands up is to tell them "f**k you".

Tweeps weren't feeling his statements and voiced their displeasure of it on the micro-blogging website. 

The Roc Nation owner also recently announced that part of the deal with the NFL will be an Inspire Change apparel and Songs of the Seasons campaign. With proceeds from the apparel sale to fund the Inspire Change initiative announcing that the first Change Advocates will be Meghan Trainor and Meek Mill.

This announcement also didn't sit well with people, especially with the inclusion of the "Äll About That Bass" singer.