Tyler The Creator and Jaden Smith. Picture: AP

Rapper and youngest son of Will Smtih, Jaden Smith proclaimed that Tyler The Creator is his boyfriend during his performance at the 2018 Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival on Monday. 

In a video posted on Twitter, Jaden is seen screaming to the crowd that Tyler The Creator is his boyfriend saying, "Tyler The Creator is the best friend and I love him so f**king much.

“I wanna tell you guys something. I wanna tell you. Tyler doesn’t wanna say but Tyler is my motherf**king boyfriend and he’s been my boyfriend my whole f**kin’ life. Tyler The Creator is my f**king boyfriend. It’s true.”

Tyler is also in the video seemingly denying the claims, however, Jaden doubled down on Twitter saying, "Yup @tylerthecreator  I Told Everyone You Can’t Deny It Now."

 Tweeps were still not convinced and voiced their confusion on the matter on the micro-blogging website.