Jordyn Woods has made her first public appearance since she kissed Khloe Kardashian's boyfriend Tristan Thompson, and has thanked her fans for their support through "everything that's going on".

The 21-year-old model and television personality stepped out at an event on Thursday to launch her new line of Eylure false eyelashes.

Whilst she didn't specifically mention the drama, she thanked people for supporting her through "everything that's going on".

Speaking to the guests, she said: "Thank you guys for coming out and supporting me through everything that's going on. It's been real, and Eylure has been super real with a project I've been working on for over nine months right now."

Jordyn was recently told to move out of her best friend Kylie Jenner's house.

A source said: "Kylie is extremely upset about everything that is going on with Khloe and her best friend Jordyn. Jordyn is a sister to Kylie, and she's extremely shocked this could happen, as is the whole family. Kylie is trying to get all the facts before she makes up her mind, but for now Jordyn isn't staying at Kylie's. Kylie needs her space and also wants to respect her sister Khloe. The future of their friendship hangs on the facts."

Tristan and Jordyn got close when they went with a "group with mutual friends" to see Drake and went back to Tristan's for an after party.

The insider previously said: "Tristan and Jordyn were definitely hanging close to one another and were being very flirty. Tristan had his arms around her at one point. Jordyn stood by him the entire time they were out and he was laughing and smiling at her. Jordyn stayed at Tristan's house partying with him and his friends until the early hours of the morning, and they were very touchy. They sat together on the couch and were talking and cuddling for hours. They had chemistry the entire night and everyone could see it ... You could tell they were into each other."