Offset and Reese Witherspoon. Picture: Bang Showbiz/Evan Agostini/Invision/AP
Offset and Reese Witherspoon. Picture: Bang Showbiz/Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

WATCH: Offset wants car from Reese Witherspoon's dad

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Apr 7, 2020

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Offset has asked Reese Witherspoon to help arrange for him to buy her dad's classic Cadillac.

The Migos rapper and the "Morning Show" actress caught up on Instagram Live on Monday to mark the launch of new streaming platform Quibi - on which they both have programmes - and talk turned to classic Cadillacs.

Reese recalled the vintage vehicle she'd learned to drive in, and was stunned when Offset told her how much it was likely to be worth - while he was even more shocked to find out the 1975 Cadillac El Dorado was just "sitting in the yard" at her dad's home.

Reese said: "My dad used to collect Cadillac El Dorados from 1975, because in his mind that was the best car ever made, so that's the first car I learned to drive."

Offset replied: "Fire, that's crazy. That's lit. That car is probably like 80 grand now."

Shocked, Reese said: "Do you think so? I think it's just sitting in his yard in Nashville."

The "MotorSport" hitmaker then urged the 'Big Little Lies' star to help arrange for him to buy the car, and she promised to try and help.

He said: "Tell him let me buy it. I'll clean it up. I'll fix it up. Put a new engine in it. New interior. Put some Forgis on it. Put it on the road."

Reese replied: "I'm going to hook you up. I'm going to hook you up with my dad."

'Offset' - who hosts the celebrity car series "Skrrt with Offset' on Quibi" - revealed his own love of classic vehicles comes from spending time with his dad when he was younger.

He recalled: "He used to fix his own cars, the people in the neighbourhood would knock on the door cos he'd fix them for cheaper than the dealership... His collection was so classical, so when I got this money, I was like, 'I gotta be like my dad.' "

Reese is hosting nature show "Fierce Queens", which highlights the females of the animal kingdom, for Quibi.

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