Oprah Winfrey takes part in the ''One World: Together at Home'' event. Picture: Reuters
Oprah Winfrey takes part in the ''One World: Together at Home'' event. Picture: Reuters

WATCH: Oprah’s old interview with Dennis Rodman raises eyebrows

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Apr 28, 2020

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An old interview by Oprah Winfrey with Dennis Rodman from 1996 has resurfaced online and Twitter has been upset with how things went down.

In the video clip, Winfrey is questioning Rodman about the way he dresses and presents himself since at the time it was viewed as more feminine and by extension, he presented as a gay man. 

Rodman goes to say that it doesn't mean he's gay. Winfrey follows this up by asking him if he is gay and he says "no". 

The "Own Network" owner goes on to say how Rodman said that he shared a story of when he was younger, he thought he might be gay since he was only raised by women. 

She followed this up by asking again if he is gay to which he responded no again. She then asks him if he is bisexual and Rodman says no. 

Winfrey brings up his autobiography where he mentions that he might be bisexual in his mind. 

He responds and says: "Yeah, I can flirt with the idea...it doesn't mean I'm gonna act and do it. A lot of guys say 'I can never be with a man'. Who can you say you never thought about it?"

As a follow-up to his question Winfrey asks if all men think about it to which he says: "Of course, if I asked one of these guys here if you would like to be with a man. 'No, no that's just disgusting'. How do you know it's dusting? You don't know."

Watch the video clip below: 

Oprah Winfrey and Dennis Rodman. Video: Twitter

Tweeps were largely offended by how the interview went with Winfrey repeatedly asking him about his sexuality. 

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