Singer Deborah Cox performs at the 2019 World Pride NYC and Stonewall 50th LGBTQ Pride Closing Ceremony in Times Square in New York. Picture: Reuters

R&B superstar Deborah Cox on Monday documented the horrific events leading to a South African Airways flight having to make an emergency landing at Accra airport, in Ghana.

The US singer, who performed at Ghana World Music Festival, was boarding an SAA flight to the US when the plane experienced some technical issues.

Cox shared on her different social media platforms the chilling details, from the flight’s broken door to the “fire in the cockpit”, and passengers praying for a safe landing.

In a series of videos captured on Cox’ Insta stories, the words “South African Airlines, Fire in Cockpit, God Help Us”, are flashing through the visuals taken through a window of the plane, painting a scary picture of moments when the aircraft was preparing for the unplanned landing. Crew members are heard in the shouting repeatedly: “Brace, brace, get your heads down,” while passengers screamed.

Following the safe landing at Accra Cox ends her video by explaining her ordeal to fans.

“We just had the scariest situation just happen, there was a fire in the cockpit and we had to do an emergency landing,” the visibly shaken Cox explained.

She continued: “We had to literally turn around, we were in the air for about 15 minutes and had to turn back around. I just came back through immigration, back in Ghana and now we’re waiting to figure out what’s gonna happen with our luggage. That was the scariest sh**, I’ve been through... I just wanna go home."

The star also took to Twitter express her rage and disappointment at the airline.

She wrote: "So disappointed in South African Airlines. After 3 hours delay on the plane to take care of a damaged door, they still insisted on flying the damaged plane which later had to turn back around to Accra. Concern for our safey? None!"

While many were sending their messages of support to Cox, some saw it fit to poke fun at the situation.

It seems the singer's woes began the moment she landed in Ghana last week. According to an Instagram post by Ivy Prosper, Cox's luggage was left behind in the US and was only delivered to her two days later.

See the post below: