Comedian Trevor Noah paid a courtesy visit to President Cyril Ramaphosa ahead of his oral reply to questions in the National Assembly in Parliament. Photo: Supplied by GCIS.

Earlier this month, "The Daily Show" host Trevor Noah made a surprise visit to parliament as President Cyril Ramaphosa's guest and it turns out it was all last minute. 

Talking about the experience during one of the "Between The Scenes" videos, Noah shared the whole story behind the visit.

In the video, Noah starts by talking about his return to SA for a holiday, explaining that he came back to check on his foundation and to catch up with his friends. 

Making a joke that every time he goes home people shout at him about coming home. 

Saying that the lady at border control in SA asked him "Trevor, when are you coming home?". With Noah replied, "I'm home" and the lady continued asking him when he coming home. 

Upon his arrival in Cape Town, a friend of Noah called him and asked him what he doing later in the day. Noah said that he's just waiting since he has an event later in the day. 

The friend then said, "Oh, the President wants to meet you." Noah replied: "The President of What?" Saying that he didn't assume it was the president of SA since it could have been the president of a company or a student organisation. 

To which the friend said it was the president of the country and that he wanted to say hi to Noah and invited him over to the presidential homestead in Cape Town. 

Noah invited his friends with him to the visit but omitted the fact they were going to see Ramaphosa. And mentioned that he was dressed in a suit for the event he was going to afterwards, but his friends were dressed in casual clothes. 

When they arrived at the homestead, Noah's friends were confused as to why they were there, and once he told the receptionist he's there to meet the president the one friend said "Dude! I'm wearing a hoodie!"  

Noah replied by saying he's sorry and forgot to tell them where they going. President Ramaphosa then invited him to parliament and said that the whole experience was a surreal moment. 

Watch the clip below: