Viola Davis. Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File

Viola Davis says the #MeToo movement will cost everyone "something" as a sacrifice as nothing good comes for free.

The 'How To Get Away With Murder' star is glad so many people are speaking up about the sexual harassment they have experienced to raise awareness of what is going on but says each person will have to make a sacrifice.

Speaking at the Women in the World salon, held at NeueHouse in Hollywood, Viola said: "Nothing can be great unless it costs you something. For me, everything has cost me something. I think that people sometimes want to take the safe route. The way life works, it's gotta cost you something. That's when you know you've really made the sacrifices ... I cannot tell you at any time in my life that I was not sexually assaulted in some way."

Viola also addressed inequality in Hollywood, saying if she’s the “black Meryl Streep,” then pay her the same as her peers.

“I have a career that’s probably comparable to Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Sigourney Weaver,” said the actress and Juilliard graduate. 

“They all came out of Yale, they came out of Juilliard, they came out of NYU. They had the same path as me, and yet I am nowhere near them. Not as far as money, not as far as job opportunities, no where close to it.”