Wendy Williams. Picture: Bang Showbiz
Wendy Williams. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Wendy Williams explains divorce filing

By Bang Showbiz Time of article published Sep 6, 2019

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Wendy Williams is ready to "move on" with her life and admitted Kevin Hunter fathering a child with another woman was the final straw for her.

The 55-year-old talk show host filed for divorce from the producer earlier this year amid allegations he'd had a baby with Sharina Hudson and she admitted that was the final straw but she now wants to move on with her life.

Speaking on "The View", she said: "Infidelity is one thing, a full baby is a whole other topic. It's now time for me to move on with my life...

"I'm not changing Pampers, I want to be pampered!

"If we don't laugh, then we'll cry. So, I've learned how to, from my mother, how to make lemons into lemonade. What am I supposed to do? Stay in the house and cry all day?"

But despite the circumstances surrounding the breakdown of their 21-year marriage, Wendy insisted Kevin isn't a "bad man" and she won't publicly criticise him for the sake of their 19-year-old son, Kevin Jr.

She said: "I save that for when I get back to my bachelorette pad. ...You know what, it's not just about young Kevin, it's about.. Kevin's not a bad man. Big Kevin. He's not a bad man, you know?

"But you just can't throw away 25 years and then start talking about, recklessly about the other person. Otherwise, what does that say about you? I chose him and he chose me."

Wendy previously admitted she had refused to be part of Kevin's "major indiscretion".

She said: "Kevin had a major indiscretion that he will have to deal with for the rest of his life. An indiscretion that I will not deal with.

"He will always be my family, because we have a 19-year-old son, and we were together for 25 years and married for 21. But there was no vacillating. I'm out. That's all I can say."

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