Archie is going to die.

So say Archie Comics, who announced this week that their famous comic book character will be killed in the July installment of Life With Archie.

The red-haired comic legend will heroically sacrifice himself to save the life of a friend in a spin-off series that tells the stories of a grown-up Archie and his Riverdale friends.

"We've been building up to this moment since we launched Life with Archie five years ago and knew that any book that was telling the story of Archie's life as an adult had to also show his final moment," said Archie Comics publisher and co-CEO Jon Goldwater.

That “final moment” will play out in Archie No.36. The 37th issue will pick up the story a year after the incident, when his friends Betty, Veronica, Jughead and Reggie gather to honour him.

Archie first appeared in comics in 1941. The character projected a very wholesome image, even while later editions tackled darker subjects, like a Zombie Apocalypse in his fictional hometown.

And if you’re still a die-hard Archie fan, you need not worry too much. Your favourite character is still alive and well in other Archie series. - Tonight Reporter