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Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Why is everyone thirsting over Penn Badgley, Jack Harlow and Timothée Chalamet?

Penn Badgley

Penn Badgley. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 12, 2021


If you are a regular Twitter user, you would have noticed that there is a time of the month when the internet decides to thirst over a white man in the entertainment industry.

Popularly known as the “white boy of the month”, this is a common occurrence on the internet with “Eternals” actor Barry Keoghan being the latest addition to this roster.

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Barry Keoghan arriving at the UK Gala Screening of Eternals, the BFI IMAX Waterloo. Picture: Doug Peters/EMPICS PA via Reuters

But what separates these men from all the other attractive white men in the entertainment industry since there are plenty of them?

The biggest thing that differentiates these men is their WMW appeal to BIPOC (black, ingenious and people of colour) who are attracted to men.

What is a WMW you may ask? It’s an abbreviation for “white man’s whore”.

The term has been an ongoing joke on Twitter after The Real host Tamera Mowry shared in an interview that she was being bullied and called a WMW for being married to her husband, Adam Housley, who was a Fox News correspondent at the time.

Ever since the video went viral, people would often throw the term of being a WMW in a joking manner to indicate their thirst for a specific white man.

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The best example of this is “Avengers” star Chris Evans, who was renamed Christopher “Jamal“ Evans by Twitter user Nicole Nichelle (@alamanecer) after making the meme of him with acrylic nails went viral.

But then on TikTok and Twitter, everyone ran with it and thirsted over Chris using recent and old pictures that gave off the Christopher ”Jamal“ Evans vibe.

Chris Evans. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Penn Badgley is an interesting case since he first appeared on our screens in the original “Gossip Girl” as Dan Humphrey in 2007.

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However, back then Twitter wasn’t the app it is today and most viewers were drooling over Ed Westwick and Chase Crawford at the time.

When he returned to our screens in Netflix’s “You” as Joe Goldberg, the internet found a newfound thirst for the murderous stalker which found its way to the actor.

He also had fans thinking thirsty thoughts when a video of him jamming to “I Did It” by Kris Yute started circulating.

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Not to mention, his latest look with a full beard and longish hair has had got fans in a chokehold.

US rapper Jack Harlow arrives for the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, September 12, 2021. Picture: ANGELA WEISS/AFP

Rapper Jack Harlow seemingly came out of nowhere as the new hot white boy in hip hop. He recently scored his first number-one single with Lil Nas X forIndustry Baby”.

While he was known in hip-hop circles, it was an unexpected moment on the 2021 BET Awards red carpet with Saweetie that sparked a tingle in internet users. In the video, the “Best Friend” rapper is being interviewed by the Shade Room when Jack is seen walking by.

He then proceeded to take his shot and introduced himself, tenderly holding her hand.

Not only were the flirtatious pheromones palatable but his swag was oozing through the screen.

Since then he has had many users loudly proclaiming to be a WMW for him (including me) and, with every new video/picture, he just seems to hit all the right boxes with it comes to sex appeal that goes beyond looks.

One user on TikTok explained that what had contributed to his appeal specifically for black women who listen to hip hop was the fact that as far as we know he doesn’t appear to fetishise black women or be a colourist.

Also, Jack working with Lil Nas X and the two having a bromance-like relationship adds to his appeal since many men in hip hop are either overtly or covertly homophobic, making him seem like a safe bet.

Cast member Timothee Chalamet arrives for a UK screening of the film ’Dune’ in London, last month. Picture: Reuters/Tom Nicholson

When it comes to “Dune” star Timothée Chalamet I personally don’t get this unbridled thirst for him.

His sharp jawline has everyone and their mama in a chokehold since he starred in “Call Me By Your Name”.

He has also become a fashion darling which has only led to more digital underwear being thrown at him.

During the “Dune” press run leading up to the release of film, you couldn’t pass a single day on the internet without someone proclaiming their lust for him.

I still think that if he would just get a little bit of lip filler for his top lip it would do wonders for those of us who don’t get it.

Will Porter is also a recent addition to the list, but we are still waiting for more material to give him the final WMW stamp of approval.

What’s interesting to note about many of these men, sans Chris, in many ways circumvent the traditional concepts of masculinity.

They aren’t overly muscular, with very manly features, aren’t perceived as aggressive and, in many cases, lean towards a softer facial structure.

There is a clear difference in the way how attractiveness and desirability function when it comes from the (cishet) male gaze compared to people who find men attractive.

This collection of white men might not be everyone’s cup of tea but there are a lot of people who will gladly sip several cups of them.