Kris Jenner. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Looking for a significant other is a lot like looking for a job: If you're going to be spending a lot of time together, it should be a good fit in skills and personality. You want to feel challenged and supported, like you're part of a team. Hopefully the benefits are good, too.

So it makes sense that dating apps would get in on the networking game. In October, Bumble launched Bumble Bizz, a networking and mentoring mode for the dating app.

But any networking app, whether it's for dating or friends or jobs, is successful only if there's a pool of attractive options. Tinder, for example, got its start by recruiting users on college campuses. Bumble Bizz has found its equivalent, a new hot job: On Monday, Bumble users received push alerts on their phones and emails in their inboxes announcing that Kris Jenner - businesswoman, reality TV star and mother of the Kardashian clan - would be hiring an assistant through Bumble Bizz. There's even an Instagram hashtag, #KrisMeansBizz.

Who knows if Jenner will actually fill the position from the applications she receives from the app. Anyone who swipes right on her Bumble Bizz profile gets a "match," which then asks you to follow a link and submit an application. It's clearly a marketing move aimed at generating buzz.

When Bumble Bizz launched in the fall, Bumble announced that the company itself would use the function to look for new employees. The app has long been expanding beyond dating: In 2016, the app debuted Bumble BFF, a platonic mode where users can swipe for friends, joining several other friend-finding apps. But all matches - from the app's different modes - appear side-by-side in a user's conversation queue. So that could get uncomfortable, or unprofessional, very quickly if someone isn't paying close attention to what match they're messaging.

What's next, Bumble - a setting for swiping left and right through real estate listings?