Trinny Woodall & Nigella Lawson

One is a domestic goddess who celebrates her feminine curves and advocates eating for pleasure.

The other is a socialite known for her waif-like figure and uncompromising fashion advice.

At first glance, Nigella Lawson and Trinny Woodall don’t seem to have much in common other than one man: the art collector Charles Saatchi.

He and Nigella were married for tenyears, until he was pictured apparently gripping her throat as they sat outside Scott’s, their favourite London restaurant.

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Just six weeks after their very acrimonious divorce, What Not To Wear presenter Trinny was observed cosily sitting in Nigella’s place by Saatchi’s side at the Mayfair establishment. Three years on, the couple are considering marriage.

And Trinny seems to be following her predecessor Nigella in more ways than one. With a suddenly full bust, plumped-up cheeks and long, glossy curls, she appears to be morphing into the celebrity chef.

ALISON BOSHOFF examines the similarities between the two glossy fiftysomethings — and asks if imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery . . .

THE obvious link between the two women is advertising guru Charles Saatchi, 73. Worth £100 million, the modern art lover has a reputation for being immensely charming — but also reclusive, controlling and ruthless.

Nigella married Charles in 2003 and they lived together in huge mansions in Belgravia and Chelsea. He made room for her 5,000 cookbooks, but banned her from filming TV shows in their kitchen. His possessiveness apparently came to a head in June 2013, when those infamous photos were published of them at Scott’s. He was cautioned for assault, and Nigella left him. She later claimed that he had subjected her to ‘intimate terrorism’.

Within a few weeks, Charles’s friends, including his second ex-wife Kay, introduced him to Trinny — and they are still going strong. In an interview at the weekend, Trinny said that though they do not live together, she spends nights at his house, watching TV.

She added that he is a great supporter of her career as a style expert on ITV show This Morning. She described an intense, demanding relationship, saying: ‘Every evening Charles asks ‘What did you achieve today?’ and I always need that in my life.’