London - Friday is the best day to book an appointment with your dentist or GP - simply because you’re more likely to keep it, according to a study by Glasgow University.

The researchers found patients are most likely to miss a consultation if it’s on a Monday.

But over the course of the week, attendance steadily improves, with Fridays having the fewest no-shows.

Monday morning blues are thought to make patients feel less able to cope with the prospect of being given bad news or having an unpleasant treatment.

However, by Friday the psychological boost of nearing the end of the working week improves resilience and so improves attendance.

“That end-of-the-week boost works particularly well if you’re nervous about seeing the dentist,” says Dr Nicola Owen, of the Dental Phobia Centre in Manchester.

“The happier frame of mind on a Friday with the weekend to look forward to helps psychologically with the fear of the dentist’s chair.” - Daily Mail