John Mayer doesn't consider himself to be an 'it' celebrity anymore. PICTURE: Instagram

John Mayer doesn't consider himself to be an 'it' celebrity anymore and feels humility in knowing that.

Speaking on Todd & Jayde In the Morning on 95.5 PLJ, he said: "I now say, I'm not it, I just do it. There's a difference. People who are 'it', 'it' will kill you. It will kill you if you consider yourself to be it. If you think you are the star, like all the way down to your core that you are just made of star parts, you will die. What I realize now is I have a very cool job.

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"I get passes that I get to wear around my neck that allow me to keep walking to the microphone and nobody tackles me. And then the show is over, and I go home.
There is humility in knowing that you're not popular to the point where people are following you around anymore. They're following new people around. They're not following me around anymore. There's humility in, Yeah, don't worry about it because you're not going to be that hot forever anyway."

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Meanwhile, John is happy to share advice with other songwriters including Shawn Mendes, who sought the 39 year old singer's thoughts on his new album 'Illuminate'.
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The 18 year old singer shared: "I didn't get to work with him, but he listened to a bunch of the songs and gave great pieces of advice through the music and production and lyrics and stuff, especially on songs like 'Three Empty Words' and 'Ruin' and 'Patience.' It was great to have him listening through it all."