Khanyi Mbau behind the scenes whilst shooting season 2 of her talk show titled 'Katch it with Khanyi' at Orlando Stadium in Soweto.834 Picture: Matthews Baloyi 2014/07/31

SINCE we have said all the bad things we can think of about Khanyi Mbau (pictured), we ought to be exhausted by now. Not only because a lot has been written about her over the years, but because despite what you throw her way, she always seems to know how to come back even stronger.

Judging by the amount of work she has been getting of late, it is obvious the girl is doing something right.

Take the Comedy Central Roast, for example, when the likes of Tumi Morake and the outspoken Dineo Ranaka also took part. Few people thought that Mbau would come out of it unscathed. It was a fierce war of words and judging by Mbau’s set, which was a response to all that was said about her on the night, it showed that the woman can think on her feet.

This talent is essential in her interviewing skills on Katch It With Khanyi. You can tell she has set questions, but when something else comes up during the conversation, she has ways of adapting and letting the conversation go off in a new direction.

Alongside other divas Nonhle Thema and Babalwa Mneno, Mbau shot the first season of Reality Check, a docu-reality series aimed at taking the ladies away from their opulent lifestyles to show them the poorer side of South Africa. As expected, Mbau was good at all the tasks they had to perform.

In Katch It With Khanyi, when she was speaking to Penny Lebyane the other day, she appeared to understand and relate to her guest’s humble beginnings. If she was the pretentious girl that we make her to be, then when it came to topics about struggling and poverty, Mbau would not know how to act.

Speaking of acting, there seems to be no limit to the things that Mbau is willing to try. We have seen her tackle several TV dramas and short films including’s Mzansi Love Stories in which she portrays the complex role of an impossible wife.

How does this help Katch It With Khanyi? Well, if you have been on a TV show before you will know that while a talk show is about “reality”, actors and TV presenters tend to do a better job thanks to the training they garnered from acting. Camera angles, lights, posture and the like all come from knowing your way around a set.

Then there’s an immaculate body that the guys always talk about. The one reason Tyra Banks has been in business so long is because of her looks and Mbau is not far off. If you don’t believe me, “katch” her on this season of Strictly Come Dancing.

Forget triple threat, Mbau is an all-rounder who takes the lemons and makes buckets of lemonade.


• Katch It With Khanyi season two airs on Friday at 6pm on Open View HD.