When the Robert Kardashian-Kris Jenner divorce court papers were released, the Kardashian clan had hoped to put the Khloe paternity issue to rest. Instead, further scrutiny of the divorce papers have given the world a new insight into Kris Jenner. The picture is not a pretty one.

According to RadarOnline, Robert was angered by Kris’ lavish lifestyle and accused her of flaunting her relationship with Bruce Jenner, now her husband, in front of their children. According to Robert’s submission, Kris even allowed the children to see her and Bruce in bed together.

When the marriage broke down, Kris was awarded temporary custody of Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Robert Jr. According to the documents filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court, this was because Robert was so incensed by Kris’ affair that the court feared he would be a threat to his family. A court ordered psychologist later found that his anger was “only situational”.

“It was true that I was very upset when I found out the respondent was having an affair and I wanted a divorce,” said Robert.

After he found out that his wife was cheating, Robert Kardashian cancelled Kris’ credit cards and stopped funding her extravagant lifestyle. This fuelled a bitter fightback from Kris, who claimed she deserved the “luxury lifestyle”.

In her petition for spousal and child support, Kris told the court: “The petitioner and I shared a luxury lifestyle. Nothing was too good for our family. Even our children’s clothing was purchased at exclusive boutiques”.

Last week, Robert Kardashian’s ex-wives claimed that Khloe Kardashian was a product of Kris Jenner’s affair, and not Robert’s biological daughter. Naturally, the Kardashians have rubbished the story, but the mystery surrounding the issue can be put to rest if Khloe agrees to a DNA test. Now a radio personality has decided to tempt Khloe into taking the test with a huge money offer.

Gregg “Opie” Hughes, who hosts a popular satellite radio show, has put a $250 000 offer on the table, according to RadarOnline. Should Khloe accept the offer, and agree to the test, the money will be donated to a charity of her choice. – IOL