When Prince William walks his bride down the aisle on Friday there will be eight pupils from Cornwall Hill College who will be glued to the TV. After all, they recently met the pair.

All except Megan Meyer, 15, who is attending a conference and will have to record it.

“But I will be watching it,” said the Grade 10 pupil. Classmate Marco du Plessis, 16, has made plans to ensure he will be able to watch the wedding.

The pupils and their teachers were part of a school exchange with St Joseph’s Roman Catholic High School, Manchester, with the aim of enriching the youngsters’ cultural and social experience. Pupils attended a typical British country school where they had to field many questions, including the typical stereotypes about South Africa, such as wild animals roaming our streets.

In addition to experiencing British school life, the group visited London, Oxford, the Lake District, Old Trafford and many other famous British landmarks and cities.

Megan said it was a wonderful experience and even wished she had spent more time in class.

“I loved the trip. It was a great experience,” said Marco.

One of the highlights of the tour was definitely meeting Prince William and Kate Middleton in Blackburn where they were opening a sports facility.

The pupils and their teachers braved a cold and wet day in Blackburn, hoping to catch a glimpse of the royal couple on their last official engagement before the wedding. The group was surprised when Prince William and Kate took the time to talk to them; the prince assuring them that the British pupils from St Joseph’s had the better side of the deal, coming to South Africa in October.

“They shook our hands and we got more than just a hello,” said Megan.

Marco recorded the occasion. “They were very friendly and asked us where we came from,” he said.

Cornwall Hill College deputy principal Peter Williams, who accompanied the group, said: “Meeting up with William and Kate was rather magical and a royal treat.”

l Britain had decided against inviting a Libyan representative to the royal wedding this week, official sources said yesterday.

On Sunday, Bahrain’s crown prince said he would not attend the wedding because of unrest in the Gulf Arab kingdom, defusing a potentially embarrassing row over his invitation. – Reuters