Ntsiki Mazwai. Picture: S’mangele Zuma
Ntsiki Mazwai. Picture: S’mangele Zuma

3 times Ntsiki Mazwai trended for all the wrong reasons

By Liam Karabo Joyce Time of article published Dec 26, 2021

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Over the past few years, Ntsiki Mazwai has positioned herself as unarguably Mzansi's biggest, most prominent hater.

If YouTube motormouth Slik Talk continues on this his current trajectory, he may well overtake Ntsiki in this regard, but as things stand she has earned this position based on her consistency.

That consistency over the years has been astounding as she's always found a way to sniff out danger and head right in that direction to run her mouth and cause a stir on Twitter.

Many a time, her antics have landed her in hot water and drawn the ire of social media.

Here are three occasions in which Ntsiki should've probably kept her trap shut this year:

Boity and Bujy altercation

A few months ago, while celebrities like Nadia Nakai, Denise Zimba and Mihlali rallied behind media personality Boity Thulo after shocking images of her altercation with radio personality Bujy Bikwa emerged, followed shortly by a disturbing audio recording, Ntsiki decided to take a different approach.

And so, in the face of social media condemning Bujy's alleged actions, Ntsiki instead posted a video on Twitter where she expressed how she has an issue with gender-based violence being equated to what she viewed as an altercation between drunk people swearing at each other.

"I have a problem with two drunkards who are slurring at each other, calling each other fat f****, being in the same category as some woman who is genuinely being abused by her man," she said.

Appropriately, Twitter had a field day lambasting Ntsiki for this hot take.

Ntsiki calls Thuso Mbedu overrated

Back in August, while seemingly the entire country was celebrating South Africa's globally recognised actress Thuso Mbedu’s performance on “The Underground Railroad", Ntsiki sought to burst our collective bubble by expressing how she felt the actress is overhyped just because she’s in America.

"Guys I have a confession to make," she said on Twitter. "Amanda Black gives me goosebumps, but Thuso Mbedu doesn't AT ALL. AT ALL.

“I think she is over hyped only cos she is in America. I apologize to all those I offend."

Despite her sly apology, the activist and poet was duly taken to task as Tweeps accused her of being jealous of Thuso's success and for constantly using her platform to try and bring other women down.

People were particularly unimpressed that her comments came during Women's Month.

Ntsiki throws shade at Bonang

Also in August, Ntsiki decided to take a jab at Bonang, who she's made snide comments about on several occasions, when she claimed the media personality was not an appropriate example of black excellence after rumours emerged that she didn't own House of BNG.

"Believing Bonang owned the wine was like believing she owned Revlon. She is just the marketing gimmick to sell these products. Not the owner."

Ntsiki went on to express how she felt that because Bonang was the face of white owned brands that she didn't own, like Woolworths, she was a bad example of black entrepreneurship.

She then went on to boast about how she herself was a true entrepreneur through her beadwork company.

"I own the whole value chain for my product and make ALL the decisions... It is not this cut and paste your name onto other people's products."

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