Vele Manenje. Picture: Instagram

"Our Perfect Wedding" host Vele Manenje is proving to not only enjoy her on-screen job but that she is comfortable in her own skin. 

Here are some of our highlights we have gathered about her so far:

1. Her witty comments - it seems like moghel has a way with words and always has the right thing to say. Keeping us entertained always. 

2. Multilingual - I mean what could beat this? Vele is able to connect with anyone, whether be it isiZulu, SiPedi or Xitsonga, your girl can adapt. 

3. Random dances - she is obviously having the time of her life, judging by the amount of dancing. She does. I counted more than 7 dances in just last week's episode.

4. She is loud - lol and that makes for a fun presenter right? She is permanently excited.