AKA. Picture: Instagram

Local rapper AKA gifted the Twitterverse a lot last week after a video was posted of him giving a preview of the track where he threw shots at his ex-girlfriend, Bonang Matheba.

The 'Star Signs' rapper then went on to tweet more details of why the relationship ended claiming that Matheba had rocks under their bed and that she allegedly cheated on him. 

WATCH: AKA throws shots at Bonang Matheba

While AKA was tweeting his dirty laundry, many users speculated that he was doing this for publicity. 

And low and behold like clockwork he released 'Beyonce' on Friday — which happened to be the track he previewed in the clip circulating online, and Twitter dove deep.

AKA, however, was having none of it and clapped back at the shade-throwing tweeps, telling one a user: 'Shut up wena!'

He ended off his boasting session by reminding everyone that he's rich, famous, healthy and is number one of the charts.