AKA. Picture: Instagram

AKA clearly had time earlier this week when he took to Twitter to endorse the African National Congress (ANC) ahead of the upcoming national elections.

In a series of tweets, the "Fela in Versace" rapper revealed that he's voting for the ANC, although he doesn't know why. Once tweeps got wind of his post, AKA - real name Kiernan Forbes - emphasised that while he's not trying to be an "influencer" and was speaking for himself, and not as a "paid representative of the ANC".  

He did, however, encourage peeps to cast their vote as he reminded them of the South Africans who lost their lives during the struggle but not before putting fans on blast for calling on celebrities to "speak out" and then telling them to stay out of politics.

After speaking his mind, the rapper ended the conversation in true AKA style with quick flex and a joke. "Ok ... back to my baller a** vacation. Paid for by the ANC, " he wrote.