AKA. Picture: Instagram
AKA. Picture: Instagram

AKA ruffles feathers with his controversial thoughts on Covid-19

By Entertainment Writer Time of article published Dec 21, 2020

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Rapper AKA ruffled feathers early on Monday morning when he gave his thoughts on the legitimacy of the coronavirus’ ability to spread.

In a series of tweets, the “Fela in Versace” hitmaker first asked where was the “proof” that someone can infect another person with a deadly virus without showing any symptoms of the virus.

“Where is the PROOF that someone can infect another person with a deadly virus without showing ANY symptoms of the virus that they are carrying? Does that even make sense? How does that even sound logical?”, he wrote.

When a Twitter user replied and said that he should stick to speaking about music, AKA hit back saying: “Science & Health affects us ALL ... not just those who are “experts” at it. It’s the same mentality that says ... Discussions about Politics should only be for those who have “an understanding” ... when Politics affects us all”.

The star did not stop there. He then went onto suggest that the government was not needed to censor the discussions around Covid-19 since, according to him, people censored each other.

“The powers that be don’t need to censor people from discussions around COVID, the people already censor each other”.

“The moment we start monitoring EACH OTHER and telling EACH OTHER who can and who can’t talk about a particular subject, is when we start putting sheep & mob mentality over free thinking and the right to find one’s own answers”, he added.

AKA also told his followers that they should “question everything”.

See how tweeps reacted below:

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