AKA. Picture: Instagram

Rapper AKA lashed out on Twitter this week about how he is always attacked by the public for things he does and does not do. The "Fela in Versace" rapper was specifically referencing the #KZNFloods and how he could help.

He tweeted: “I want to help, but every time I help I am attacked for doing it in public. When I am quiet I am attacked for not being active. So... can someone please clarify what the protocol is now for celebrities donating to help people who need it the most”.

After many comments from fans who basically said that he should still be active and help, it seems like Super Mega did do his bit after all for the #KZNFlood victims. It is unclear exactly what he did, but he was thanked for doing it.

A tweet from @tumisole thanked AKA for doing his duty.

@akaworldwide thank you for calling last night and thanks for doing your #CountryDuty towards #DurbanFloods & #PortSTJohnsFloods. Your assistance & generous donation towards the affected families will go a long way my brother”.

To which AKA replied: “Good luck and God bless. Keep doing the Lord’s work”.

Other celebrities like Bonang and Babes Wodomo have also come out to support. Local muso Prince Kaybee donated R150k to the #DurbanFloods victims.