AKA. Picture: Instagram

Following the reveal of the first three panellists for the highly anticipated Roast of AKA, fans took to Twitter to voice their disappointment in the selection which includes soccer legend Mark Fish joined by comedian Nina Hastie and Afrikaans rock star Francois Van Coke.

AKA who is known for his controversial statements, especially on social media, took to Twitter to tell his fans that he doesn’t “give a f**k” because his show is already sold out.

“Guys, while I really appreciate the input about the panellists 🙏🏼 ... The show is already sold out. So I actually don’t give a f**k. Thank You.”

However, tweeps didn't take kindly to AKA's post and clapped back at him with some calling him "rude".

The Megacy came to his defence, trying to explain what 'Fela In Versace'' star really meant.