AKA. Picture: Instagram
AKA. Picture: Instagram

AKA unimpressed by R2 200 Covid-19 relief fund for artists

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Aug 4, 2020

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Rapper AKA has taken aim at the South African government again.

First, it was the alcohol ban, now it's the Covid-19 relief fund.

During a Twitter rant on Monday, the Fela Versace hitmaker expressed his disappointment at the R2 200 Covid-19 relief fund for artists.

In May, Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture Nathi Mthethwa announced that R150 million has been set aside to assist struggling artists and sports personalities, who were unable to work due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday, the minister provided an update on how many artists and sportsmen and women have benefited from the relief fund.

In the midst of the Twitter debate, Charlie Marema posed a question: “Do you welcome Nathi Mthethwa's relief package for artists?”

AKA, who doesn’t mince his word, especially on social media responded: “What the fu** am I gonna do with R2 200 a month?”

AKA’s question caused a stir on Twitter, with some stating he should be grateful he was getting R2 200 while many South Africans only receiving R350.

“We get R350 a month bro....be grateful dammit,” said Nathi Mahlalela.

“Oh I'm sorry, ordinary South African citizens got R350, you get 6 times that amount you complain. What do you think South African citizens have been doing with R350? Anijabuli nje… (just be grateful),” added Siyabinga T.

“Ey, this comment is derogatory. 2.2 buys a lot for South Africans that are retrenched and unemployed and living on the countries “good graces” (that hasn’t been stolen yet) if they are lucky to get R350pm,” Hazimrey Z wrote.

In a series of tweets, AKA insisted he was a businessman who paid salaries and therefore did not need to be grateful for R2 200.

“NOOOOOOO!!! I don’t want to be grateful and neither should you!!!...oh my God.

He continued: “Yes but I am not retrenched and I am not unemployed. I AM trying to NOT retrench people and I am SELF EMPLOYED. You guys are not going to force me to be grateful for 2k from the government. IT. DOES. NOT. MEAN. SHIT. TO. ME. Okay? Next.”

A few weeks ago, AKA went on a Twitter rant, slamming the government for its decision to cease the sale alcohol without prior notice.

He expressed his concern about millions of job losses due to the alcohol ban.

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