Amanda du-Pont claps back at controversial blogger over ‘boyfriend’ rumour

Amanda du-Pont. Picture: Instagram

Amanda du-Pont. Picture: Instagram

Published May 17, 2022


The social media rumour mill is working overtime and this time actress and businesswoman Amanda du-Pont seems to be its latest victim.

In a recent tweet by controversial entertainment blogger Musa Khawula, he claimed that Du-Pont has a new boyfriend.

The blogger posted cropped pictures of her and the man in question riding a bicycle and a scooter in Cape Town.

“Amanda du-Pont spotted in Cape Town with her new boyfriend,” tweeted @MusaKhwaula.

— Musa Khawula (@MusaKhawula) May 15, 2022

Du-Pont was quick to squash the rumour, hitting back at the blogger by posting a video showing the scene in its entirety.

She tweeted: “The original video. An afternoon riding bikes and scooters with my friends. The image you posted seems to be a malicious cropped version to insinuate rumours.

“For clarity the man in the image is my bodyguard. A polite plea to leave my name out your gossip.”

After reading that the man was her so-called “bodyguard” tweeps dragged her.

“South African personalities are hilarious. You’ve got a bodyguard? Imagine and actress from Skeem Saam feeling the need to get VIP protection. It’s like buying a Ferrari when you live in a squatter camp,” tweeted @LongLiveLeech.

@TheUltraEgo commented: “A bodyguard in Cape Town? People that side don't even know Joburg people like that.”

— Hlumo (@TheUltraEgo) May 15, 2022

While @mokhine asked: “why do u need a bodyguard in CapeTown?”

The actress is reported to have separated from her long-time beau Shawn Rodriques.