Anele Mda and Anele Mdoda. Picture: Instagram
Anele Mda and Anele Mdoda. Picture: Instagram

Anele Mda's 'Woolies is thrash’ comment gets backlash, Mdoda caught in crossfire

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published Jan 21, 2020

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Anele Mda found herself topping the trend list on Monday after she lashed out to retail giant Woolworths over a half empty bottle of water she found among the sealed six-pack she purchased.

Taking to Twitter, Mda wrote: "Whoever leads @WOOLWORTHS_SA is leading a messy organisation or lacks leadership in totality. 

"After reporting on their TL that they sold me a SEALED pack of still water that had an almost empty bottle now they ask me to do their work HELL. #WoolworthsisThrash #WoolworthsisThrash”."

Mda had initially lodged a formal complaint with Woolworths customer care, and according to her tweets, the response was definitely not what public speaker expected.

She was requested to provide among others the barcode, sell-by date and the name of the store where she made her purchase. 

Instead of providing the information, Mda replied guns blazing in a direct message to the their Twitter account and said: “Did you just ask me to do you work? Did you ask me to check what more is wrong with what you sold me?

She continued bashing the company: “What makes me your employee that I now should have to do all this? Are you asking me because you can’t see that your water is sealed yet have an almost empty bottle or you asking because you suspect that I might have miraculously consumed the water while in a sealed pack...You hell have a nerve.”

Tweeps, however, got things mixed up when many thought the Anele who was in war with Woolies is the "947 Breakfast Club" host, Anele Mdoda.

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