Anele Mdoda. Picture: Instagram
Anele Mdoda. Picture: Instagram

Anele Mdoda says viral ‘V Class’ video is triggering with incident ex

By Kedibone Modise Time of article published Nov 24, 2021

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Radio and television presenter Anele Mdodo opened up about an incident involving a former boyfriend who used to tell her to “get the f**k” out of his house, each time they had a disagreement.

The multi-award-winning radio host says all this was triggered by the video of a man chasing a woman out of his luxury German van.

In the video that went viral, the man is seen entering the Mercedes-Benz V-Class, where the two women were seated and he immediately demanded that one of them leave his car.

“Leave my f**ken car,” he yelled.

“Do you get money like that from guys…?” asked the man. During the altercation, the woman is heard apologising profusely for her behaviour.

The video clip caught the attention of many social media users including Mdoda, who revealed a similar experience with a former partner.

She wrote: “That V-class video is triggering to me because I dated a man who would tell me to “ get the f**k out of MY house “Every time we disagreed or fought. It did not matter how much money I had or how I basically looked after the home… that is what I was reduced to. Just be kind guys.”

She added: “And one day… “ he said get the f**k out my house “ and I did. The end.”

Fans of Mdoda flooded her timeline with messages of support. Many social media users, however, condemned the man for manhandling his passenger.

The owner of the V-Class who identified himself as Njabulo, took to Instagram to give his details of the event leading up to the woman being forcefully removed from the V-class.

In the Instagram stories, he explains that he was leaving a groove spot with his friend and wife when they bumped into the two women and decided to give them a lift. It was around 3am.

He went on to explain that the women seemed drunk. The one woman was quiet, while the other made herself at home as soon as she entered the car.

“She took off her shoes and started putting her feet on my seats. She ate our food and popped my woman’s champagne” said the man.

The man insisted that the scuffles followed when his missing phone was discovered and he suspected that it was the passenger who tried to steal it.

He added that the woman was also rude and she also demanded money from them hence he kicked her out of his car.

Trigger warning for sensitive viewers

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