Ayanda Borotho criticises celebs for sharing images of families impacted by KZN floods

Ayanda Borotho. Picture: Instagram

Ayanda Borotho. Picture: Instagram

Published Apr 20, 2022


It’s going to take years or even a lifetime for many families to fully recover from the devastating floods that recently wreaked havoc in KwaZulu Natal.

With over 400 people losing their lives, and thousands of families displaced in the affected areas, many South Africans including celebrities are pitching in to assist the victims of the deadly floods.

Although everyone is trying to do their bit, “Isibaya” actress and author Ayanda Borotho has lambasted fellow celebrities for sharing images of families affected by the KZN floods on social media.

Taking to her Instagram page, Borotho accused local stars and other social media users of using the pain of the affected KZN families to chase clout.

She wrote: “I get it. People are out there helping out in whatever way they can. KZN is reeling from disaster. It's a mess, guys. What we see in the news reports is nothing.”

“But can we please stop posting the people affected? Post the destruction, not the people. This is not about you. It's not about us. It's about those affected. Post what you are doing, your groceries and blankets.

She added: “These we post to encourage people to give and raise funds but going as far as posing for pictures, posting Imisamo (shrine) where clothes of their children and family members are laid in memoriam, women in grieving mattresses. What is that about? Nenzani exactly? Where's the dignity in that?

“People have lost everything manje seniphuca isithunzi (you want to strip away their dignity as well) just so you can post? Lots of people are doing their bit without cameras. This is not PR. These are real people. Stop playing with real lives on these fake social media streets... Learn to respect people regardless of their social class."

While many applauded Borotho for her strong message, some questioned whether it was Ayanda Ncwane’s post that ruffled Borotho’s feathers.

In her Instagram post, Ncwane is seen hugging the bereaved families, while donating blankets to the impacted families.

“This is my hometown Ndwedwe, yesterday I visited most of the families who are now homeless and stranded 💔. Homes are washed away and bereaved families are mourning at the neighbor’s or relative’s places. It’s one thing watching the news it’s another when you hear them tell you how they had to dig their loved ones for days…ohh and some are still buried under heavy stones or washed away in the rivers,” expressed Ncwane.

The ‘Real House of Durban’ star and businesswoman also revealed that she has donated funds toward the burial of the deceased members.

“We have done our little bit to donate towards funerals and other emergencies but it’s not enough as there’s way too many people in need.”

Meanwhile, Hollywood star Charlize Theron has encouraged her fans around the globe to help raise funds for the KZN floods victims.

“My home of South Africa is going through an extraordinarily difficult time, and while I know much of the world is in pain right now, and a lot is being asked of us as global citizens, I'm hoping you'll find it in your heart to help,” said Theron.

Local stars Thabo Tbo Touch Molefe, Somizi Mhlongo, DJ Tira and Nomcebo Zokode and Zakes Bantwini are among the many South African celebrities who have offered a helping hand to assist in relief efforts.