Ayanda Thabethe admits she’s dating 'PM' but insists he’s not married

Ayanda Thebethe in Dubai. Picture: Instagram/@ayandathabethe_.

Ayanda Thebethe in Dubai. Picture: Instagram/@ayandathabethe_.

Published Jun 13, 2022


It looks like the issue with Ayanda Thabethe’s partner is getting more serious as she is threatening to take legal action against those spreading rumours about her relationship.

The award-winning TV host spent the whole of last week in Dubai celebrating Peter Matsimbe’s birthday, whom she referred to as her “brother”.

The pair were living it up in Dubai with some of their friends, popping expensive bottles, partying on a yacht and cruising in expensive cars.

It is alleged that Matsimbe, whom Thabethe was on holiday with, is married to someone else.

To rubbish allegations that her boyfriend/brother is married, Thebethe released a statement with the help of her lawyers.

“We make this statement on behalf of Ms Ayanda Thabethe, who is supported by her partner, referred to as ‘PM’,” reads a statement written by Thabethe’s lawyers.

The letter further states that Mr PM is not a married man, despite him being seen several times on Thabethe’s Instagram stories wearing a wedding ring.

“The rumour that Ms Thabethe is in a relationship with a married man is not true, and we have not been provided with evidence proving otherwise. PM is not in any marriage or union recognised by the law,” reads the statement.

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While Thabethe is on a mission to take legal action against all the social media accounts spreading her relationship rumours, Tweeps are not shaken. Below are some of the reactions.

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