Ayanda Thabethe. Picture: Instagram
Ayanda Thabethe. Picture: Instagram

Ayanda Thabethe gets roasted for being grateful to 'escape the madness'

By Jamal Grootboom Time of article published Jul 16, 2021

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TV presenter Ayanda Thabethe landed on the wrong side of tweeps after she shared that she’s escaping “the madness“ and heading to her holiday home.

South Africa has been in turmoil with looting and civil unrest in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

Local celebrities such as Boity, Cassper Nyovest and Kelly Khumalo have been sharing their views with a large majority of their reactions receiving positive responses.

However, other Mzansi celebs like Pearl Thusi and Mihlali Ndamase tried to make light of the situation which was met with major backlash, eventually folding and deleting their posts.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, Ayanda posted how grateful she was being privileged enough to move locations during all the civil unrest and looting, in a now-deleted post.

She said: “Grateful to be in the privileged opportunity to escape the madness to our holiday home… Figuring out how to get food to my family is what’s weighing heavily on my heart.

“I'm going to need to do this till things are okay and who knows how long that will take …“

Tweeps weren’t happy about her statement and shared their thoughts online.

“Ayanda Thabethe is adding to the long list of beauty without brains … there by celebriteville. I mean, what is this,” said @NalaThokozane

“Ayanda Thabethe is the reason why I believe that rich people should stay away from social media during these times.

“We are happy for them but we are sensitive right now, life is excessively unkind to the majority of us. Yo,” commented @BossladyMsibi.

“Ayanda Thabethe on her way to her holiday home, wondering how long this will all take,” said @BadvocateAgain.

“Oh no Ayanda Thabethe folded and deleted the tweet i had hoped the queen wouldn’t fold, this was a banger” commented @mokspalesa

“I f**king hate a person that shoves their privilege in the faces of the poor and that’s what Ayanda Thabethe loves doing.

“She always takes the time to remind us how privileged she is and how lucky she is that she went from being a receptionist to being who she is today. Boring,” said @moe_suttle.

“Ayanda Thabethe said: (with a meme of Paris Hilton wearing a stop being poor T-shirt)” posted @Laureasons_.

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