Babes Wodumo has defended herself against incendiary tweets, claiming her account had been hacked. Picture: Instagram

Gqom artist Babes Wodumo has distanced herself from xenophobic tweets, claiming her account is still hacked. 

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, she posted an image with "#StopXenophobicAttacks. There's more than enough to resolve our problems as a country". 

Her lengthy caption read: "As you all know my Twitter is hacked and what's sickening is the fact that this person is busy fighting our African brothers and sisters on my Twitter.

"I want to assure everyone I'm 100% against Xenophobia ngokwami ukubona if there's a problem there must be another solution to solve it besides the brutal killing that's happening in our country.  

"On top of that young girls are being raped and killed by men who think it's okay to take advantage of a woman....I'm deeply hurt by what this hacker is posting on my Twitter I have reported this matter but usizo angilutholi and the more I keep asking for help the more this hacker sees an opportunity to write nonsense.....I apologize to my fellow African brothers and sisters and 

"I'll definitely get this over and done with ASAP cause this person has changed my Twitter password I can't deactivate it which is y I have been sending emails so they can help me deactivate it period!! #Im against Xenophobia #Justice must be done against Rape and murder."

This comes after her official Twitter account started posting statement such as "Nigerians need to leave South Africa! Everything would be smooth without them."

And "I’m not done. Zimbabweans! Hambani" amongst other xenophobic remarks to the surprise of many tweeps. 

According to her, her account had been hacked since the Lady Zamar video, and she recently posted a WhatsApp conversation claiming the people who had hacked her account were trying to extort money out her to get it back. 

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